TN-Knoxville/Oak Ridge: ActOnClimate Climate Change Press Call

By ofa vol | February 16, 2015

John Nolt,  UT Professor in the Department of Philosophy, specializing in environmental ethics and philosophical logic. Summary of Remarks for OFA Event at Congressman John Duncan’s Office January 26, 2015 John Nolt:   Climate change is causing large numbers of deaths (in the hundreds of thousands per year). The rate of deaths is increasing, but even…


TN-Knoxville/Oak Ridge: ActOnClimate Climate Change Press Call

By ofa vol | February 16, 2015

Joanne Logan of Knoxville writes: Joanne is a professor at UT in the Biosystems Engineering and Soil Sciences Department: I am here as a voice for the community of climate scientists. The most recent 2013 study by Cook and colleagues confirm that 97% of climate scientists who publish about climate change agree that increasing concentrations…


TN-Knoxville/Oak Ridge: ActOnClimate Climate Change Press Call

By ofa vol | February 16, 2015

Joan Nelson of Knoxville/Oak Ridge writes: OFA volunteers and friends met at the office of U.S. Representative Duncan in downtown Knoxville, TN to deliver the latest IPCC report on climate change. The message from the report, and from us to Rep. Duncan is that the science is solid and the need to act urgent. Two…

Todd Waterman,  Harold "Duck" Waddle. Marlene Taylor, Jim Nelson, Rajendra Jain, Joan Nelson and June Jones plan the action for 2015.  Joe Malgeri is the photographer.

TN-Oak Ridge: ActOnClimate Climate Change Action Planning Session

By ofa vol | January 7, 2015

Joan Nelson of Oak Ridge writes: The OFA Climate Change Action Team for Tennessee met Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 6, at the Panera Bread on Cedar Bluff in Knoxville to plan the actions for 2015. Four of the attendees, Todd Waterman-state lead for climate, Rajendra Jain, Marlene Taylor, and Joan Nelson attended the Climate Leadership Training…

OFA_TN Volunteers Meet and Greet with music band Miggs to talk about how Tennesseans are taking #OFAction!

OFA-TN Nashville: Miggs Meet & Greet

By ofatn | September 15, 2014

Elizabeth Henderson of Nashville writes: Over the weekend, volunteers were invited to local music venue 12th & Porter for a Meet & Greet with the phenomenal band Miggs! Don Miggs, the lead singer, is a fierce supporter of President Obama and the issue campaigns Organizing for Action is fighting for. As the band tours the…

Reducing Gun Violence by David of Franklin

By ofatn | June 17, 2014

Hello, my name is David Stumpfl, and I am a recent college graduate of UNC-Asheville. In my short 21 years I have experienced a lot, perhaps even more than some of my peers. However, I fear that I have already seen enough violence for a lifetime through the ample amounts of news coverage of school…

Reducing Gun Violence by Caroline of Nashville

By ofatn | May 30, 2014

I am a native of Nashville, recently returned to the city after 25 years. My arrival here launched the Third Chapter of my professional career, which emerged with a definite theme: political activism. A lot has changed in Nashville, especially for the better: it’s richer in its ethnic and cultural diversity, enthusiastically supports a world-class…

Standing with Women by Zack of Nashville

By ofatn | May 30, 2014

All my life, I have observed the contribution of women in my own development, and also in the process of problem solving in their lives or careers.  For example: it is a painful decision for a woman in power to send people to war.  I gave equal opportunities to my girl and my son in…

TN-Nashville: Expanding Medicaid Action Planning Session

By ofatn | May 27, 2014

Caroline Hogge of Nashville writes: The Medicaid expansion team representing both middle Tennessee and Davidson county met for an action planning session on Saturday, May 24, 2014, at The Pharmacy in east Nashville. Points regarding team-building, data training, and volunteer recruitment were covered over lunch. A goal of expanding teams for both regions throughout the…

SWW At Lydias

TN-Knox: Learning the Facts about Healthcare in TN

By ofatn | May 8, 2014

Pamela Coffin of Knoxville writes: Volunteer Lydia and Mack opened their home to OFA for a Stand With Women House Party. Our focus was on Medicaid Expansion.  Lydia stated, “as of today over 8 million Americans have affordable health insurance now because of the ACA.”  James pointed out how sensible it is to make health…

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