OFA-TN Nashville: Miggs Meet & Greet

Elizabeth Henderson of Nashville writes: Over the weekend, volunteers were invited to local music venue 12th & Porter for a Meet & Greet with the phenomenal band Miggs! Don Miggs, the lead singer, is a fierce supporter of President Obama and the issue campaigns Organizing for Action is fighting...
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TN-Knox: Foe of ACA admits it is doing “good”

Do the real stories of people benefiting from the Affordable Care Act make a difference.? Greg Johnson’s reaction to hearing the real impact of the ACA on people’s lives indicates that they do. Keep telling the truth about what the new healthcare law means to people. http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2014/mar/26/greg-johnson-a-rethink-on-the-affordable-care/ Like this:Like...
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Expanding Medicaid by Lydia of Knoxville

I live in the Knoxville area I am well covered by healthcare, but I frequently speak with Knoxville people who are not covered, usually because of very low income. Two people I know of right now are sick with life -threatening diseases yet have no coverage. Medicaid expansion would...
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