The Affordable Care Act is helping my Small Business – Ellen of Nashville

As a young salesperson working for someone else, I didn’t give much thought to health insurance.  I was fortunate to work for a company that provided a group plan.  So when I later joined my husband in his business, I felt an obligation to provide health insurance for our employees.

I thought I could find a simple program that covered major medical problems at a reasonable rate.  But instead I had to learn the difference between PPO’s and HMO’s and HSA’s and why one was a better option for this situation, and this came about because of that situation, but that didn’t work for people in our situation so they came up with another option and suddenly I was flooded with all of this information and options but none of them seemed to meet my needs.

These plans were geared for large corporations with cost-sensitive benefits packages that often provided minimal protection to the employee.  The larger the corporate pool, the lower the premiums.  And premiums were not affected by any one individual’s medical records.  As a small business with only two employees, everyone would have to provide medical records.  One employee with a health issue could cause the premiums to increase prohibitively.  The difficulty of providing affordable health care for employees makes it challenging for small businesses to compete with large corporations for qualified employees.

Out of frustration and a sense that employees were better off with individual policies, I dropped the idea of providing company insurance.

However, the Affordable Care Act has many provisions in it that will make it easier for small businesses like mine to provide insurance.

I’m concerned that Congress will dismantle many of the protections that the Affordable Care Act provides to small businesses and individuals in favor of big business and insurance companies.

Which is why I am calling on Congress to protect the progress we’ve made for Small Businesses like mine in the the Affordable Care Act,:

    • The Affordable Care gives us more freedom and control in our health care choices. 
  • It gives small business owners the power of competing with large employers by providing small business tax credits to make employees’ health coverage more affordable,
  • and by increasing their purchasing power through competitive private health insurance Exchanges.
  • These new choices, freedoms and options are only possible because the Affordable Care Act holds insurance companies accountable
  • With this law, insurance companies can no longer overcharge for insurance just to boost profits.
  • The law has already stopped them from denying kids coverage if they are born with a medical problem or disability.
  • And insurance companies can no longer use fine print, or legal tricks to deny medical treatments that are covered under people’s policies.

The Affordable Care Act gives me a better opportunity to provide a simple, cost-effective plan to employees.   That’s why I am celebrating what the Affordable Care Act does for me & my small business.

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