Jasmin T. of Chattanooga

I kind of feel like the Affordable Care Act was the birthday present I never dreamed I would ever receive, and am more than thrilled to be able to share with millions of other people!

As a person with several pre-existing conditions, I am considered uninsurable, and would be lost without the health coverage provided by my parents. While enrolled in college, I fell terribly ill and had to drop out of school – without full time enrollment, I lost my health coverage, and my medical bills piled up. Sick, out of work, and without insurance, my family and I were looking at bankruptcy; no insurance company would take on a kid with multiple auto-immune disorders, a shelf full of prescriptions, requiring a team of specialists and yearly screenings and surgeries… well, not without thousands of dollars in premiums, anyway.

Thankfully, on March 23, the day before my 22nd birthday, I learned that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act had passed, and I would be once again covered by my mother’s insurance through age 26, but most importantly I could not be denied coverage because of my pre-existing conditions. (Most twenty-somethings ask for iPhones and rent money for their birthdays, but I had my fingers crossed for legislation!)

I am proud to live in a country where no child will be denied insurance because they were born with a syndrome or disease beyond their control, and that every American will have access to doctors and hospitals to be healthy, strong and happy.

Without the ACA, I would be financially strained at best, and I don’t care to think about the worst. I can now afford to go back to school (which is easier, thanks to President Obama’s programs like the Pay As You Earn program) and get a degree in education to teach kids that you can do whatever your heart desires, no matter what life throws at you!

Jasmin Taylor
Chattanooga, Tennessee

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