Earik Beann, Small Business Owner of Franklin on Fiscal Cliff

Earik BeannEarik Beann, Small Business Owner of Franklin, TN:

“I’ve lived in Franklin, TN now for over a year with my wife Laura. When I moved here I brought with me a small business I started 15 years ago, a software technology company, Wave59. and Our small business serves is based right her in Franklin and is asking Rep. Marsha Blackburn to please keep the middle class from being pushed over the Fiscal Cliff, sign the discharge petition that extends middle class tax cuts for 98% of Americans and 97% of small businesses like mine.

I want Representative Blackburn to know that we don’t make hiring decisions based on our tax bracket. We make decisions based on whether we have customers. The biggest decisions are based on our projected direction of growth – do we expect our customers to continue buying our products. If taxes go up on our customers, they have less money to spend with us. Period.

Any real small business owner will tell you they don’t need tax cuts to make their businesses grow, they need customers. That’s why passing the middle class tax cuts immediately is what’s important. If they extend them only to those making more than $250,000 they are perpetuating these businesses unfair advantage – giving them extra cash on hand that makes it harder for real small businesses to compete. If they extend it for us, it means we have more customers.

As a small business owner I’m asking Rep Blackburn and the rest of the TN delegation to stop blocking the middle class tax cut extension before they push the middle class over the Fiscall cliff. Stop putting millionaires ahead of the middle class: sign the discharge petition and vote now to extend middle class tax cuts for the middle class and small businesses like mine.”

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