Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville

John of Knoxville, TN writes:

“I am a family man, construction worker, and a hunter. I prefer to hunt birds. I am a licensed gun owner and believe in the second amendment.  As a human who has seen the carnage of mass killings by guns, I cannot keep quiet.

Although I am a licensed gun owner, the guns in dangerous hands has gotten out of hand. This is not what law abiding citizens want, we want safe gun rights, ones that protect our rights to own a gun to defend our property and our persons but assault weapons and multiple clips is more than hunters want or need. These types of weapons are getting into the wrong hands and as a hunter or a supporter of the Second Amendment these are weapons that do not need to be legal.”

John of Knoxville


“I own a gun, am liscensed to carry and am a Bird Hunter, but I believe in Universal Background Checks, I do not need an assault weapon with clips to kill a bird.”  – John P. of Knoxville, TN

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