Northeast: Knox -Flyer Fest for ACA

JP and Suzie were among the Knoxville Volunteers who concentrated their flyer distribution on Saturday to neighborhoods that John Bain has mapped as most likely to fall into the income category that would benenfit from purchasing a health insurance policy in the ACA Marketplace.

Five teams were out on Saturday and many of these volunteers were working during the week also.  Carolyn has developed the attitude, that if a lot of cars are parked together, they should find a flyer on their windshield.  She is providing a public service by giving good information and locations where anyone who needs a policy can get help enrolling for health insurance.

OFA 2-15-2014 001J

JP demonstrates that mailboxes are off limits since it is illegal to leave anything that is not mail in a mail box.  But, how about the space where the newspaper goes?

Go to and find a team working in your area.  There is a chance to take action to make the Affordable Care Act a success and help everyone who needs to purchase a policy #GetCovered.


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