NE Knoxville: Raise the Minimum Wage

I have lived most of my life here in Knoxville, have attended college at U.T., and have worked mostly minimum wage or low wage jobs. I have a attended a Stand With Women Event I learned about it from a email, and have agreed to volunteer for OFA. I am currently unemployed and all the issues OFA supports are very important to me.

Every job I have ever held paid either minimum wage or low wage, and I have never been able to make a living without some type of assistance. This has been made worse as the minimum wage has progressively fallen behind the cost of living. I have sometimes worked two jobs simultaneously and my health suffered as a result. Then some time, I could not get even one full-time job,let alone that and a part time job.

Please let’s raise the Minimum Wage to $ 10.10 an hour. We are long overdue for this. Getting by on the current minimum wage is simply impossible.

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