Reducing Gun Violence by Bonnie of Murfreesboro

Bonnie Tinsley of Murfreesboro, TN writes:

I was pleased to see in the DNJ, March 26 that the majority of our candidates for city council, school board, and mayor oppose the State Legislature bill to remove the city’s ban on guns in our parks. I attended a committee session at the Legislature when the issue was debated and frankly, I never understood why the need for change.

I am a regular on our Greenway in Murfreesboro, and it was a joy today to see so many teens looking after their younger siblings and friends in lieu of parents who have to work on these school holidays. I wonder how comfortable parents of young children, mothers pushing strollers, bicyclists, roller bladers, fishermen in boats on Stones River, dog owners at the Bark Park —how comfortable will they be knowing that anyone is free to pack a gun on our Greenway. Just off hand, I asked an older couple passing me, and they replied, “Sounds scary.”

Our parks have provided safe havens for school activities and playing fields for school sports events. Why would we want to sacrifice what remains of our community’s quality of life in terms of recreation? Contrary to what the NRA would have us believe, this is not the Wild West. We do not need to arm ourselves, every man, woman and child, with an arsenal of guns, as NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre railed at the CPAC audience back in early March. Pretty scary?

Our parks should be as gun-free as our airports. For the sake of our children and our safe, peaceful green spaces, I would ask everyone to please, please contact their State representatives at Ask them to vote NO to guns in our parks and YES to allowing our mayors to continue to decide what is best for their constituents.

Bonnie Tinsley, Murfreesboro volunteer and gun Violence Prevention Host for April 17 Day of Action, leads a meeting to plan actions and the next GVP event! Bonnie has each member assigned to write a letter to the editor too!

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By Bonnie Tinsley of Murfreesboro
Submitted to: Organizing for Action – Tennessee Blog
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