TN-Murfreesboro: CostOfInaction Comprehensive Immigration Reform Phone Bank

A.D. Maynard of Murfreesboro writes:

A.D. Maynard and Patrick Conley welcomed new volunteer Janet Sanchez and husband, Roger. (right)Murfreesboro Volunteers and Spring Fellows went to Panera on Thursday March 27 to contact Texas supporters for Immigration Reform.

With over half a year gone by and no action by the House, these volunteers wanted to help spread the word that it was time for the house to act, calling upon residents in Texas’ 10th district to let Rep. Michael McCaul know that they expect a vote on comprehensive immigration reform.

McCaul’s district is 26% latino, so it is very important that he hears from his constituents and know that there is support for immigration reform in his district!  Texans working for immigration reform asked TN volunteers to give them a hand in reaching out to those in Texas that also want reform and encouraging them to let their voices be heard in the offices of their representatives.

We’re stronger when we ACT together. Join the action:


Key perspectives/messengers:

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