Climate Change by Jules of Nashville

My name is Jules and I’ve been living in East Nashville for 7 years. The neighborhood has grown dramatically in those years and is schedule to grow even more over time. Some of our biggest problems are traffic and parking, and they will only get worse. This has inspired me to start a neighborhood bus service for East Nashville called Nymbus. We are in our fundraising stage now, but we hope to provide our unique part of the city with the ability to access their neighborhood without using their vehicle. By getting cars off the road, we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from cars, create more walkable environments for residents and shoppers, and connect local businesses with more customers. Everyone agrees that we need more transportation options as a way to curb climate change, and it will take the efforts of both the private and public sectors.

I’ve been interested in science and math since I was a little kid. So when the science of climate change came to light and the human impact revealed, I was forced to look at my own actions and behaviors and make changes. Changes ranging from what I eat and purchase to how I get around. For the past five years I’ve been a full-time pedestrian, riding my bike, taking the bus, and walking. It’s been a challenge, but a satisfying one. We all have to challenge ourselves to make changes if we’re going to address the problem of climate change. The most important thing is that we come together on this issue. As much work as we have to do in the public sector, private businesses should also explore the market opportunities created by people willing to make changes but without the structures in place to do it.
The evidence of climate change is real, and the human component is undeniable. This affects all of us, republican and democrat, rich and poor, those alive today and future generations. We need our representatives to take action. We need that action now.

By Jules Charlemagne of Nashville
Submitted to: Tennessean, Organizing for Action – Tennessee Blog
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