TN-Nashville: Climate Camp

Matt Ferry of Murfreesboro writes:

Organizing for Action held it’s first Climate Camp in Tennessee over the weekend  of March 29-30th. It was an in depth two-day training that provided a crash course in organizing to combat the very real threat of Climate Change. There was a great crowd of folks both days of the event, ready to take advantage of the opportunity to take their organizing to the next level. Day one was a climate change issue briefing and information about OFA’s climate campaign, OFA’s approach to organizing, and analyzing and understanding political power. Day two focused on developing organizing skills within the community. We heard from a number of speakers, including Director of Climate Change for OFA Ivan Frishberg, who gave a great presentation on the science of Climate Change. We also heard from organizing fellow Marijke Kylstra who talked about organizing strategies like the snowflake model, as well as  trainers Elizabeth Henderson, Jermaine Freeman, Mike Actis-Grande, and Raven Dorantes. Some of our guests were Tennessee residents originally from Somalia, who were very passionate about the climate change issue and confident that we could help push this issue and eventually make the United States into an important part of the solution to this crisis. They were all eager to learn more in supporting the cause to combat the Climate Change misinformation that drives the deniers; and working to create solutions to this dangerous problem.


We’re stronger when we ACT together. Join the action:


Stand with us and 97% of scientists. It’s time to #ActOnClimate, #TN! #ClimateCamp @OFA_TN— Raven Dorantes (@RavenDorantes) March 30, 2014

Ajay is ready to spread that word that climate change is real. @OFA_TN #ClimateCamp— Matt Ferry (@MattFerryTNEZ) March 29, 2014

“We need people to become passionate about the environment.” @OFA_TN #ClimateCamp— Matt Ferry (@MattFerryTNEZ) March 29, 2014

Patrick is interested in advancing the conversation about the climate change! @OFA_TN #ClimateCamp— Matt Ferry (@MattFerryTNEZ) March 29, 2014

We can’t afford to keep ignoring this problem. @OFA_TN #ClimateCamp— Matt Ferry (@MattFerryTNEZ) March 29, 2014

We’re emitting an energy equivalent of 400,000 Hiroshima bombs into the atmosphere DAILY! #ClimateCamp— Matt Ferry (@MattFerryTNEZ) March 29, 2014

Folks getting serious about climate change! @OFA_TN #climatecamp— Matt Ferry (@MattFerryTNEZ) March 29, 2014

@ECHLizzy says “climate change is real, it’s happening now!” @OFA_TN #climatechange— Matt Ferry (@MattFerryTNEZ) March 29, 2014

More folks excited about climate change!! @OFA_TN #climatecamp— Matt Ferry (@MattFerryTNEZ) March 29, 2014

Today in #Nashville, we’re taking action at #ClimateCamp. Let’s #ActOnClimate together, #TN!— Justin Wilkins (@jrwilkins) March 30, 2014

“You’re not asking them to do something, you’re empowering them.” @RavenDorantes @OFA_TN #climatecamp— Dustin Evans (@riffy16) March 30, 2014

@MikeActisGrande doing his best Trebek for #climatecamp Jeopardy! @OFA_TN Are you sure you’re not Canadian? 🙂— Raven Dorantes (@RavenDorantes) March 30, 2014

@riffy16 dustin making #ofanash proud with a good training at #climatecamp with @OFA_TN— Michael Actis-Grande (@MikeActisGrande) March 30, 2014

Key perspectives/messengers:
Educator, Organization/Group, Senior, Small Business Owner, Student and Youth, Veteran and Military Family, Women

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