TN-Knox: Learning the Facts about Healthcare in TN

Pamela Coffin of Knoxville writes:

Volunteer Lydia and Mack opened their home to OFA for a Stand With Women House Party. Our focus was on Medicaid Expansion.  Lydia stated, “as of today over 8 million Americans have affordable health insurance now because of the ACA.”  James pointed out how sensible it is to make health insurance mandatory, ” Why is it mandatory that everyone has car insurance, and not health insurance?” Car insurance is “just in case”  you have an accident, then why can’t everyone have health insurance to prevent the “just in cases?”

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Under the ACA preventive services are included such as all immunizations and vacinations, weight assessment and counseling for nutrition and physical activity; treatment for behavioral health conditions; primary, prenatal, and postpartum care; and breast cancer screenings for men and women.  This preventive care is covered without any cost other than that of the monthly premiums.

What we  don’t understand is why states like TN are leaving out those who do not make enough to qualify for help with the costs of premiums in the Exchange, but would get access to healthcare with 100 to 90% of the cost  covered by our federal tax money, if  medicaid is expanded.  We know because of  facts listed by Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) that the current situation is hurting our hospitals.    There always will be excuses for putting off a tough decisions, but it is not  hard to figure out the medicaid expansion will mitigate many of these effects.  Why would Tennessee not take the opportunity to have 100 to 90 federal dollars for every state dollar invested in Medicaid expansion over the next five years? Such a return certainly will help replace the economic losses from Disproportionate Share Reimbursements and other cuts. IT’S TIME TO PUT PEOPLE OVER POLITICS.  VOTE YES FOR MEDICAID EXPANSION AND CLOSE THE GAP. LEAVE NO AMERICAN BEHIND.

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