TN-Oak Ridge: #CostOfInaction Comprehensive Immigration Reform Phone Bank


Calls and Naranja-lemons, great combination.

Eleazar, Alejandro, Emma and Berdardo celebrate a job well done.

Eleazar, Alejandro, Emma (team lead) and Berdardo celebrate a job well done.

Since January this group of dedicated volunteers has been meeting every other week to make calls to our friends in Texas who support comprehensive immigration reform. We have asked them to call their Congressman to keep the pressure on because we need reform now. One of our volunteers, Jesus Valles, had been at very phone bank. When asked why he does this he simply said “because it is important.” And that was also the reason the newest volunteer, Craig, gave.

Naranjas-lemons  added a celebrative touch to the last in this series of phone banks. But we will all continue to work for our friends, neighbors, and families who need to be brought out of the shadows and given a pathway to citizenship now. Reform will be good for families, good for our economy, and good for all of us. Let’s keep working together.

Alejandro and new volunteer Craig work the phones.Alejandro and new volunteer Craig work the phones.

We’re stronger when we ACT together. Join the action:


#OFAKnox wants you to join us at tonight’s phone bank – are you in? #Immigration #ImmigrationReform

Key perspectives/messengers:

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