Standing with Women by Zack of Nashville

All my life, I have observed the contribution of women in my own development, and also in the process of problem solving in their lives or careers.  For example: it is a painful decision for a woman in power to send people to war.  I gave equal opportunities to my girl and my son in their education, and they are successful now in their professions.  I have tried to do the same for the community.  In my volunteer Meet Up Group, we bring together supporters of young men and women and teach youth leadership.  For me this results in a oneness of humanity.  It starts with junior youth character development and is followed by service projects related to their interests, and it is spiritually empowering for both boys and girls.

I have reflected in thoughts and prayers about the potential of our next new generation, and if they will be prepared to take positive actions on matters which affect them as well as the future of the world.  Somebody has to start it somewhere, and this includes girls in their development while they are still young.

I believe people will do the right thing and support women, as long as they think about others and how to help others.  That is all we can ask for.
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