OFA-TN Nashville: Miggs Meet & Greet

Elizabeth Henderson of Nashville writes:

Over the weekend, volunteers were invited to local music venue 12th & Porter for a Meet & Greet with the phenomenal band Miggs!

Don Miggs, the lead singer, is a fierce supporter of President Obama and the issue campaigns Organizing for Action is fighting for. As the band tours the country, Miggs is taking time to meet and hear from local OFA teams about what folks are organizing for in their cities.

Nearly a dozen volunteers from across Davidson & Middle TN came out to tell Miggs about their OFA experience and what Tennessee is doing to further the progressive movement!

Following the Meet & Greet, volunteers were treated to a concert, where Miggs spoke to their fans about the need for Tennesseans to join OFA’s fight for Medicaid Expansion. Volunteers not only got to see one awesome concert, but meet a group of musicians trying to help folks across the country advance OFA’s cause!

We’re stronger when we ACT together. Join the action:


OFA_TN Volunteers Meet & Greet with music band Miggs to talk about how Tennesseans are taking #OFAction!


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