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Northeast TN: Tells Why Healthcare Matters

Local Organizing for Action (OFA-TN) volunteers and supporters gathered on Tuesday for a National Day of Action event that provided training on the new health care marketplace and how to help community members sign up for quality, affordable healthcare.   22 people attended the 11:00-a.m. event at Cherokee Health Systems in Knoxville. Jim Jennings of Quality Labels – a…

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Northeast TN Spring Fellows Get Acquainted

Our TN Spring Fellows Joyce Brown and Katrina Dorse meet with Ruth and Joan at the Bearden Panera in Knoxville to spend quality time getting to know each other and SmartVAN.  Of course Joan thinks all this fun is because they are playing in the data, but the rest of them probably think it is…

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Northeast TN: Spring Fellow Tina Crownover, here.

Tina Crownover, here. I am a wife and mother of two. We are a union strong family, with my husband and sons being Boilermakers. My husband and I have lobbied in DC for the past 6 yrs. My work background includes Licensed Cosmetologist, Water Safety Teacher, TN Notary and a High School Sub Teacher. Politically,…

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Northeast: Fellow-Pamela, “trains for a change.”

 I first met Pamela last year in a conversation over the phone.  She was helping to organize a gun violence prevention rally at Danny Mayfield Park in downtown Knoxville.  She doesn’t live in that neighborhood, but her church is located  there and her pastor had encouraged the members to support the OFA rally.  I did…

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Knoxville: Obamacare Good for All My Family

My name is Darryl Baker. I retired early after 30 years of ministry for the Presbyterian Church so we could move to Knoxville and allow my wife to finally pursue her career as a Christian Educator after raising our children. Two years later she lost her job, and could not secure full-time employment in her field,…

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Oak Ridge-Newspapers Cover ACA Event-Increase Attendance

Joan Cassens organized and publicized the information session at Kern United Methodist Church on January 25.  A lot of flyers also were handed out in parking lots and at homes in the neighborhood around the church.  Jim Nelson offered an educational power point and volunteers also provided access to computers so people could set up…

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