Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Congress needs to stop rehashing the same old stale debates and focus on the economic issues that matter to Americans. Comprehensive immigration reform is one of those issues.

Speaker Boehner is holding up a vote while members of his caucus, like Representative Steve King, think that the solution to immigration reform is an electrified fence.

We can’t let Speaker Boehner and the House stand in the way of our country’s future.

I can tell you right now that hardworking families can’t afford to pass up over three million new jobs. We can’t afford to miss out on economic opportunity, especially while we’re still working to make up for all we lost in the Great Recession.

Comprehensive immigration reform would secure our borders, modernize our system and provide an earned pathway to citizenship for 11-million undocumented immigrants.

These policies are real; they’re personal. They’ll literally determine the outcome of children and families’ lives. For generations back, the American story has shown that our nation offers the best chance for someone who wants to make a better life for themselves and for their families, and this fight will determine what’s written in the pages to come.

We are a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. Immigrants helped bring us through the Great Recession, innovate our businesses, create jobs, and fuel our economy. They’re deeply woven into the American fabric.

We all have something at risk in this debate whether you have family or friends who are trying to navigate our broken immigration system or if you’re a small business owner looking to hire more employees or even if you’re just looking to make sure we don’t pass on a large deficit to our children. Fixing our immigration system will benefit everyone, and it’s time the House gets to the people’s business and passes common-sense legislation so America can grow its economy, strengthen our security and maintain a competitive edge in a global marketplace

And I’m also asking each person here and everyone listening at home to call your Representatives, stop by their offices, message them through social media, urge them to pass comprehensive immigration reforms. Don’t stop until you know they’ll do what’s right and strengthen our country by fixing its broken immigration system.

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