TN-Knox: Foe of ACA admits it is doing “good”

By ofatn | May 8, 2014

Do the real stories of people benefiting from the Affordable Care Act make a difference.? Greg Johnson’s reaction to hearing the real impact of the ACA on people’s lives indicates that they do. Keep telling the truth about what the new healthcare law means to people.

TN-Oak Ridge: Expanding Medicaid Phone Bank

By ofatn | May 8, 2014

  Oak Ridge had its second meeting of the MedEx team. We called our supporters in the Nasvhille area to inform them of the opportunity to take #OFAction in support of medicaid expansion in TN on the upcoming Day of Action. This was almost an all male phone bank with half of the callers being…

TN-Oak Ridge: #CostOfInaction Comprehensive Immigration Reform Phone Bank

By ofatn | May 8, 2014

  Since January this group of dedicated volunteers has been meeting every other week to make calls to our friends in Texas who support comprehensive immigration reform. We have asked them to call their Congressman to keep the pressure on because we need reform now. One of our volunteers, Jesus Valles, had been at very…

Expanding Medicaid by Lydia of Knoxville

By ofatn | May 8, 2014

I live in the Knoxville area I am well covered by healthcare, but I frequently speak with Knoxville people who are not covered, usually because of very low income. Two people I know of right now are sick with life -threatening diseases yet have no coverage. Medicaid expansion would be a Godsend. Without Medicaid care,…

Expanding Medicaid by Paceda of Nashville

By ofatn | May 8, 2014

As a parishioner of Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville, I am proud that my Catholic faith places an emphasis on social justice. Jesus Christ told us to love one another. That means helping those who are less fortunate. Expanding Medicaid will help the citizens of Tennessee. It is imperative that our politicians put aside…

TN-McDonald: A Look Back to See WHY the ACA an 8 million Success

By ofatn | May 4, 2014

Rose Ann Copeland of McDonald writes: Volunteers representing all aspects of the diverse Chattanooga community attended a canvassing event on March 28, for the ACA at the South Chattanooga Recreation Center. Chattanooga District 7 City Councilman Chris Anderson rallied the troops by stating that all of his district deserves excellent, affordable healthcare and not just…

TN-Expanding Medicaid so Everyone Has Options by Timena of Cordova

By ofatn | May 4, 2014

I am a health insurance producer working for an Independent Health Insurance Agency with a contract to offer all plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace. I have been working in the health care industry for 19 years. I have worked in the hospital administrative setting for most of these years. In the last 7 years…

TN-Oak Ridge: Expanding Medicaid Action Planning Session

By ofatn | May 3, 2014

Scott Julius of Oak Ridge writes: Hope has been abundant in Tennessee and indeed nationwide with the successful enrollment of millions of people in the Affordable Care Act. Now Tennesseans can have affordable healthcare, many for the first time. That said, it is a shame that expanding Medicaid, a logical step that’s the perfect complement…

TN-Nashville: Climate Camp

By ofatn | April 15, 2014

Matt Ferry of Murfreesboro writes: Organizing for Action held it’s first Climate Camp in Tennessee over the weekend  of March 29-30th. It was an in depth two-day training that provided a crash course in organizing to combat the very real threat of Climate Change. There was a great crowd of folks both days of the…

Reducing Gun Violence by Leslie of Elizabethton, TN

By ofatn | April 15, 2014

In 2007, my husband and I retired to Elizabethton, TN. We are non-violent non-gun-owners. I don’t see any need to have people carrying guns in parks of any kind, especially without a permit. Training is a must to have responsible gun-carrying. A person with a gun will choose that remedy first in any conflict. A…

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