Nashville Climate Cropped

Climate Change by Jules of Nashville

By ofatn | April 15, 2014

My name is Jules and I’ve been living in East Nashville for 7 years. The neighborhood has grown dramatically in those years and is schedule to grow even more over time. Some of our biggest problems are traffic and parking, and they will only get worse. This has inspired me to start a neighborhood bus…


Expanding Medicaid by QuaNita of Memphis

By ofatn | April 15, 2014

My name is QuaNita Ford, as a woman, I care about the people in my life, like my grandma, aunts, sisters, mother and other  friends and family. A lot of women in my communityof Frayser, TN, need help with their medical needs.. We want to survive and live healthy, productive lives. The women in my…


TN-Knoxville: OFA Organizing Academy

By ofatn | April 15, 2014

Pamela Coffin of Knoxville writes: Today was a very informative day as our Spring Fellows and Spring Trainer led  the action at the  Organizing Academy in Northeast TN, Knoxville.  After registration and welcoming two new fellows to the training;  OFA Organizing Fellows, Alejandro and Pam led the training on the skills they have been learning…

A.D. Maynard and Patrick Conley welcomed new volunteer Janet Sanchez and husband, Roger. (right)

TN-Murfreesboro: CostOfInaction Comprehensive Immigration Reform Phone Bank

By ofatn | April 11, 2014

A.D. Maynard of Murfreesboro writes: Murfreesboro Volunteers and Spring Fellows went to Panera on Thursday March 27 to contact Texas supporters for Immigration Reform. With over half a year gone by and no action by the House, these volunteers wanted to help spread the word that it was time for the house to act, calling…


Expanding Medicaid by Victoria of Memphis

By ofatn | April 11, 2014

I am Victoria Wright. I love God and my city and I hope that we will get healthcare. This issue is important to me because I really need healthcare. My friends and family also need access to healthcare.  I am on dialysis and need help buying medication and getting to the doctor.  I also have…


Expanding Medicaid by Dee of Murfreesboro

By ofatn | April 11, 2014

I was born in Eastern TN and have lived in Murfreesboro for the last 12 years.  I was injured at work in 2010 and I am currently disability. I, and many others, need medicaid expansion to be supported and accepted so that we can have peace of mind knowing we  can get access to medical…


Middle TN: Expanding Medicaid by Matt of Murfreesboro

By ofatn | April 11, 2014

I am a native Tennessean from Murfreesboro and a proud graduate of MTSU. Recently I have started my own photography business and unfortunately I do not make enough in a year to qualify for subsidies in the Marketplace, but if Medicaid/TennCare was expanded, I would be covered. After I turned 26, my health insurance company…

Bonnie Cropped

Reducing Gun Violence by Bonnie of Murfreesboro

By ofatn | April 9, 2014

Bonnie Tinsley of Murfreesboro, TN writes: I was pleased to see in the DNJ, March 26 that the majority of our candidates for city council, school board, and mayor oppose the State Legislature bill to remove the city’s ban on guns in our parks. I attended a committee session at the Legislature when the issue…

TN-Murfreesboro: ActOnClimate Climate Change Event

By ofatn | April 9, 2014

Matt Ferry of Murfreesboro writes: Nearly a dozen volunteers came out on April Fools for a  Climate Change Day of Action that was held in the Franklin town square. Supporters came together to tell our Representative Marsha Blackburn to stop being a Climate Denier. At the event, we heard from three great speakers who helped…

Tina Tine Cropped

NE Knoxville: Raise the Minimum Wage

By ofa vol | April 3, 2014

I have lived most of my life here in Knoxville, have attended college at U.T., and have worked mostly minimum wage or low wage jobs. I have a attended a Stand With Women Event I learned about it from a email, and have agreed to volunteer for OFA. I am currently unemployed and all the…

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