Stories about the Sequester in Tennessee

By ofatn | February 25, 2013

Clips across the state

Feb 22nd Gun Violence Reduction National Day of Action

By ofatn | February 23, 2013

Press Clips and Stories Across Tennessee

Meleena, Knoxville Mother – Nutrition for Women and Children Is At Stake

By ofatn | February 22, 2013

Meleena, a mother in Knoxville writes: I am 35 years old and have 2 sons who are 12 & 5 years old. Recently, I gained custody of a newborn who otherwise would be a ward of the state of Tennessee because he was born drug exposed and his birth mother is mentally incompetent. Without the…

Sean, Youth Mentor in Knoxville

By ofatn | February 22, 2013

“I want gun violence to end because I am a youth mentor and kids do not need to fear the streets and their communities.” – Sean L. of Knoxville

Elmer H. Korean War Veteran and Medic (Knoxville)

By ofatn | February 22, 2013

“I know the kind of damage different guns do… and if you haven’t been checked out first you shouldn’t be holding a gun. That’s why I support the President on background checks” – Elmer H. veteran of the Korean War and Medic in Knoxville, TN  

Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville

By ofatn | February 22, 2013

John of Knoxville, TN writes: “I am a family man, construction worker, and a hunter. I prefer to hunt birds. I am a licensed gun owner and believe in the second amendment.  As a human who has seen the carnage of mass killings by guns, I cannot keep quiet. Although I am a licensed gun…

I’m a Retired Air Force Officer – for Ending Gun Violence

By ofatn | February 19, 2013

“I am a retired Air Force officer, with 2 marksmanship ribbons. I am a hunter and a gun owner. I am a retired special education teacher. And I am a mother. I strongly believe in the steps that the President is proposing to tackle gun violence, especially common sense approaches like background checks. Let me…

I’m a Hunter for ending Gun Violence

By ofatn | February 19, 2013

“I was given my first hunting rifle when I was 8 years old. I joined the NRA because of their training in gun safety and marksmanship. I’m a veteran, served twice-the second time as an officer. I’m been a gun collector for years. And, I believe we need background checks, limits on ammunition and on…

Report says cuts could deeply affect Oak Ridge

By ofatn | February 18, 2013

Article in Oak Ridger, February 18:

Editorial: Haslam should push for Medicaid expansion

By ofatn | February 18, 2013

View the story “Editorial: Haslam should push for Medicaid expansion” on Storify

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