Tullahoma “Expanding Health Care” Kickoff Meeting

By ofatn | January 28, 2013

27 folks came together in Tullahoma, TN to participate in The National Day of Service in the area of Health Care. Three outreach events were planned for three different towns.

National Day of Service Wrap Up

By ofatn | January 19, 2013

Nationally: 2,000 events nationally 50,000 volunteers over 1 million hours of pledges 200,000 hours just from the southern states 10,000 people in D.C. Across Tennessee Tennessee volunteers held 88 service events with 1,012 attendees and collected 4,625 hours pledged in the weeks and months ahead to service. Over 27 of these events were “Expanding Health…

Earik Beann, Small Business Owner of Franklin on Fiscal Cliff

By ofatn | December 31, 2012

Earik Beann, Small Business Owner of Franklin, TN: “I’ve lived in Franklin, TN now for over a year with my wife Laura. When I moved here I brought with me a small business I started 15 years ago, a software technology company, Wave59. and Our small business serves is based right her in Franklin and is asking…

West Tennesseans Preparing to Protest Lack of Fiscal Cliff Action

By ofatn | December 1, 2012

Link: http://www.wbbjtv.com/news/local/West-Tennesseans-Preparing-to-Protest–181703631.html

Jasmin T. of Chattanooga

By ofatn | February 4, 2012

I kind of feel like the Affordable Care Act was the birthday present I never dreamed I would ever receive, and am more than thrilled to be able to share with millions of other people! As a person with several pre-existing conditions, I am considered uninsurable, and would be lost without the health coverage provided…

The Affordable Care Act is helping my Small Business – Ellen of Nashville

By ofatn | March 23, 2011

As a young salesperson working for someone else, I didn’t give much thought to health insurance.  I was fortunate to work for a company that provided a group plan.  So when I later joined my husband in his business, I felt an obligation to provide health insurance for our employees. I thought I could find…

Dr. Paul Hendricks

By ofatn | March 23, 2010

I am an emergency physician. Hospital emergency departments are rightly seen as the “safety net” of our health care system. However, we cannot close all the gaps in that system. The Affordable Care Act does go a long way in closing those gaps. A recent example demonstrates the problems this Act helps to solve. I…

Nicole C. of Franklin, TN

By ofatn | March 3, 2010

My name is Nicole.  For 15 years I have owned my own successful business in Nashville’s music business.  The passage of the Affordable Care Act has impacted my life in a major way and allows me to sleep at night knowing no other American’s will share my story. In 2004 at the age of 34…

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