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Reducing Gun Violence by Caroline of Nashville

I am a native of Nashville, recently returned to the city after 25 years. My arrival here launched the Third Chapter of my professional career, which emerged with a definite theme: political activism. A lot has changed in Nashville, especially for the better: it’s richer in its ethnic and cultural diversity, enthusiastically supports a world-class…

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Northeast: Expanding Medicaid by Tunisia of Knoxville

The fight for Medicaid expansion is to important for anyone to stand on the sidelines. Medicaid expansion could help more than 330,000 uninsured Tennesseans have access to affordable health care. The expansion of Medicaid it the most cost effective, smart way to keep people healthy and working—get them preventive care, teach them to care for…

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Expanding Medicaid by Carl of Jefferson City

Hello, my name is Carl Smith. I live in Jefferson City TN. Through my life I have had common grocery and retail jobs but after losing my job I decided to go into the field I love, computers. I am currently enrolled full time at Fountainhead College for an Associates in Information Technology and Bachelors…

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“My ObamaCare Story as a Small Business Owner” by Cortney of Knoxville

In 2008 I started my own business, and after years of enjoying employer-provided group insurance, I had to buy my own health insurance for the first time. It was a horrible experience.I filled out mounds of paperwork, and the insurance company decided I had a “pre-existing condition.” This meant the insurance company would not pay…

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Reducing Gun Violence by Jerome of Knoxville

Children are the innocent victims of gun violence in too many cases. Since of the Columbine HS shooting 11 years ago, there have been over 32,000 children and teens killed by guns .The Sandy Hook Elementary mass killing just 12 months ago took 20 young children’s lives. Tennessee ranks 38th in the US in child…

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TN-Cleveland: “End the Shutdown, Do Your Job” Press Conference

Angela M. of Cleveland, TN helped coordinate a press conference outside Congressman Scott DesJarlais’ office in Cleveland to say: “Pay our bills. Open the Government. Do your job!” Angela M.: First John Boehner caved to the tea party and sabotaged our economy by shutting down the government, now they are threatening a global financial meltdown…

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