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Reducing Gun Violence by Caroline of Nashville

I am a native of Nashville, recently returned to the city after 25 years. My arrival here launched the Third Chapter of my professional career, which emerged with a definite theme: political activism. A lot has changed in Nashville, especially for the better: it’s richer in its ethnic and cultural diversity, enthusiastically supports a world-class…

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Expanding Medicaid by Dee of Murfreesboro

I was born in Eastern TN and have lived in Murfreesboro for the last 12 years.  I was injured at work in 2010 and I am currently disability. I, and many others, need medicaid expansion to be supported and accepted so that we can have peace of mind knowing we  can get access to medical…

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Expanding Medicaid by Carl of Jefferson City

Hello, my name is Carl Smith. I live in Jefferson City TN. Through my life I have had common grocery and retail jobs but after losing my job I decided to go into the field I love, computers. I am currently enrolled full time at Fountainhead College for an Associates in Information Technology and Bachelors…

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“Affordable Care Act Offers Better Insurance at Good Price” by Cindy W. – Daily News Journal LTE

Share this great letter to editor from a TN Small Biz Owner with good things to say about ObamaCare. Then, write your own Letter to Editor: Ck out this #Murfreesboro #OFAmt #GetCovered #OrgTNClips #OFAction Letter to Editor! @OFA_TN — Justin Wilkins (@jrwilkins) February 26, 2014

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The “Care” in Obamacare – Chloe’ Harris

My name is Chloe’ Harris. I am a senior at Middle Tennessee University. I major in Political Science, with a concentration in Pre-Law, and a minor in Paralegal Studies. I plan to graduate this December and attend law school. I fell in love with politics and decided to make it my major mainly because I…

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Reducing Gun Violence LTE, Lee F. of Murfreesboro

Local volunteer Lee Foster of Murfreesboro wrote her letter demanding background checks to reduce gun violence.  Here it is: Her letter is more powerful when you add yours.  Write your letter to editor here:

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