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TN-Oak Ridge: ActOnClimate Climate Change Action Planning Session

Joan Nelson of Oak Ridge writes: The OFA Climate Change Action Team for Tennessee met Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 6, at the Panera Bread on Cedar Bluff in Knoxville to plan the actions for 2015. Four of the attendees, Todd Waterman-state lead for climate, Rajendra Jain, Marlene Taylor, and Joan Nelson attended the Climate Leadership Training…

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TN-Oak Ridge: Expanding Medicaid Phone Bank

  Oak Ridge had its second meeting of the MedEx team. We called our supporters in the Nasvhille area to inform them of the opportunity to take #OFAction in support of medicaid expansion in TN on the upcoming Day of Action. This was almost an all male phone bank with half of the callers being…

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TN-Oak Ridge: Expanding Medicaid Action Planning Session

Scott Julius of Oak Ridge writes: Hope has been abundant in Tennessee and indeed nationwide with the successful enrollment of millions of people in the Affordable Care Act. Now Tennesseans can have affordable healthcare, many for the first time. That said, it is a shame that expanding Medicaid, a logical step that’s the perfect complement…

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Supporting ObamaCare by Jim of Oak Ridge

My name is Jim Nelson and I live in Oak Ridge TN. My wife and I have raised three successful, talented daughters and have a grand daughter we are lucky to be able to help take care of while her parents both work fulltime. I am a Professional engineer with a BS in chemical engineering…

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TN-Oak Ridge: #ActOnClimate Climate Phone Bank

Joan Nelson of Oak Ridge writes: Climate Camp is coming to Nashville TN on March 29-30. Todd Waterman, our state climate lead can’t wait until the official recruitment day begins, so a few of us in Oak Ridge get together to start telling the exciting news that TN is hosting one of the 5 camps…

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